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            As the New Haven community deals with the unexpected awarding of the permit for the Annual

 Freddie Fixer Parade 2016 to a group that does not sustain a legal status, the current

President and lead organizer of the

              original Freddie Fixer Parade Organization feel that the community needs to know the truth

about this entire scenario, how it started and how it got to this point in the first place. 

Regardless of how dirty the details may be.


                         First of all, the Freddie Fixer Parade Organization did not request any meeting with City of New Haven Mayor Toni N. Harp in regards to the annual parade as the City of New Haven has not supported the parade other than the costs for police overtime contrary to what many may think. The only meeting that has been required of the Freddie Fixer Parade Organization for the last fifteen years was by the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer, and since 2009 it has been Jennifer Pugh, and has always been “After” the ST. Patrick’s Day Parade at the request of the City of New Haven. The New Haven Board of Education has continued to ban the city school bands from marching in the Freddie Fixer Parade since 2000 despite the fact that there have not been any incidents to cause concern. Yet the New Haven Board of Education continues to allow the city schools to march in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.


                          Second, this new “Elm City” Freddy Fixer Parade constructed by Jackie James, the former City’s Small Business Program Coordinator and Jason Bartlett, the City’s Youth Coordinator, is not a legitimate entity and has based their establishment on creating a new group was because the President of the original organization did not return phone calls at their request or that meetings have not been attended to at their choosing.  This does not grant this illegal group the right to convene meetings and hold votes to which they have invited the public and have elected officers with the assistance of the City of New Haven appointed officials (Jackie James and Jason Bartlett.) In addition, the use of or any paraphrase of the name of “Freddy Fixer” regardless of how it is spelled, is an infringement on the previously established organization’s trademark. The group continues to use the name illegally.


                            When the current President of the legitimate Freddie Fixer Parade, Maurice Smith did have the opportunity to speak to the lead organizers of the “Elm City” Freddy Fixer Parade, he was met with inappropriate comments from Jackie James (Appointed By New Haven Mayor Toni N. Harp) such as: “You Don’t Want To Bring A Knife To A Gunfight” and from Dexter Jones (President of the fraudulent and illegal group “Elm City” Freddy Fixer Parade) such as: “Sometimes You Can’t Ask For Power, So You Just Have To Take It,” clearly explains why the President of the Freddie Fixer Parade acting under Freddy Fixer, Inc.,  did not attend any public meetings held by the “Elm City” Freddy Fixer Parade group. Those words  and false allegations of unpaid overtime bills and not having an active Board of Directors in place in addition to the inability to raise the funds that Jason Bartlett, appointed by New Haven Mayor Toni N. Harp, has suggested were in fact not true.  


                     Jason Bartlett was also instructed to secure the Floyd Little Athletic Center for the Annual Freddie Fixer Parade Drill Competition in order to assist the legitimate Freddie Fixer parade organization with their efforts to raise money towards the cost of police overtime as suggested by New Haven Mayor Toni N. Harp. Mayor Toni N. Harp Also suggested that the real Freddie Fixer Parade Organization increase its Board Members to a total of fifteen (15) which was not required by the organization's BY-LAWS and to include at least one (1) white person, in order for the organization to "increase" its chance to raise more money. When the President of the Freddie Fixer Parade asked about being placed on the Community Development Block Grant List (CDBG) to which the City of New Haven Receives hundreds of thousands of dollars to distribute amongst local churches and non-profit organizations, he was told by Mayor Toni Harp That "That List Has Expired." 


                This is where the issue arose in the first place at Mayor Toni N. Harp’s Request. So why has Jason Bartlett secured the facility for the “Elm City” Freddy Fixer Parade group contrary to the Mayor’s request, or was he secretly acting on New Haven Mayor Toni Harp’s instructions to sabotage the current Freddie Fixer Parade organization’s effort to raise money even though that is the primary claim as posted in the New Haven Register? The City of New Haven decided to grant the permit to the “New Group” as New Haven Register Community Engagement Editor Shahid Abdul-Karim has reported.  The article was posted on March 31, 2016. The assumption that changing the “IE” in the First name of Freddie to “Y’ exempts them from liability and grants them the right to infringe on the Freddie Fixer Parade trademark, displays complete ignorance.


                      It was also revealed that the Drill Competition Coordinator, Dominick Benjamin who had worked with the Freddie Fixer Parade Organization for the past several years had stated that he was offered a job in the city of Atlanta Georgia and would not be in New Haven to help coordinate the Drill Competition for the real Freddie Fixer Parade organization. The President of the real Freddie Fixer Parade organization showed up at the “Elm City” Freddy Fixer Parade group’s weekly meetingon March 30 2016 (Despite Claims That He Had Dodged Prior Meetingss, Even Though He Had No Obligation To Attend) at the Stetson Branch Library in New Haven, Connecticut, and saw Dominick Benjamin sitting amongst a group of people going over details of a Drill Competition with the illegal Freddy Fixer Parade group. Some of who were past parade officers (Including Helen Powell) and others who were volunteers for the real Freddie Fixer Parade in 2015.    


                     Despite denials from Jason Bartlett (The City of New Haven Youth Coordinator,) minutes from a meeting dated March 13, 2016, (The same day as the St. Patrick’s Day Parade) indicated and confirmed that the “Elm City” Freddy Fixer Parade group did not have a 501 c 3 under the Internal Revenue Code and that they did not submit any paperwork with the State of Connecticut's Secretary of the State’s office as well as not having a legitimate bank account established to accept or receive publicly solicited funds, although they have held at least one fundraiser for the illegitimate parade group that included a birthday party for one of its officers Howard Boyd (Vice President of Elm City Freddy Fixer Parade and Former Emcee for the Original Freddie Fixer Parade) arranged by Jacqueline James, the City of New Haven Deputy Economic Development  Director of the Small Business Academy.   


                    It was explained to the New Haven Black Clergy Association that the scheduling conflict which resulted in the parade being held on Mother’s Day in 2015 was not the decision of the Freddie Fixer Parade organization. The parade organization was faced with the choice of having to have the parade on Mother’s Day or not have the parade at all. With the popularity of the parade showing signs of a positive comeback, another cancellation was not a good idea since the community has gained a since of safety for an event still unfairly stereotyped to be associated with violence. The current President of the Freddie Fixer Parade has worked tirelessly to keep it that way. And despite criticism from many, the majority of the members of the New Haven Community still showed up at the annual Freddie Fixer Parade on Mother’s Day and there were no incidents as has been the case for the past fifteen (15) years.


                        However, given the unexpected urgency to form a new Freddie Fixer Parade from the “Elm City” group with less than two months prior to the anticipated annual parade, this group has caused more confusion and embarrassment for the New Haven Community on the basis that the current President has not done enough to try to raise more money to cover the costs of police overtime. Despite building up the biggest and most successful Drill Competitions on the East Coast and paying astronomical fees for the rental and usage of taxpayer-funded Board of Education facilities, it is ironic that anyone would make such an allegation. The claim by the “Elm City” Freddy Fixer Parade group that they could raise the much needed resources that the current President of the legitimate Freddie Fixer Parade could not raise on the premonition of Jackie James and Jason Bartlett and their alleged ties to “Abundant City Resources” has proven to have fallen flat. The same obstacles that President Maurice Smith has faced for the last seven years when no one thought about offering their support to keep the struggling parade alive is evident with this new and illegal “Elm City” Freddy Fixer Parade group.


                      They too in fact don’t have the $36,000 that the City of New Haven, Connecticut is seeking for the police overtime costs. The President of the real Freddie Fixer Parade organization attended the logistics meeting (Even Though He Was Not Expected To Show) and witnessed the same arrangement that was made with the real Freddie Fixer Parade organization in regards to the costs for police overtime being made with the “Elm City” Freddy Fixer Parade group. So what is the difference? Even more of an insult is the fact that this illegal group demanded that the current President of the real and legitimate Freddie Fixer Parade Organization become an advisor to them or “Step Down” in order for the organization to get more financial support from those with close ties to the City of New Haven including but not limited to, Jackie James and Jason Bartlett.     


                      Compounding the problem is Jason Bartlett, the youth coordinator for the City of New Haven, Connecticut, appointed by Mayor Toni N. Harp. Jason Bartlett was instructed by New Haven Mayor Toni N. Harp to secure the Floyd Little Athletic Center for the official and legal Freddie Fixer Parade organization for them to try to raise the needed funds to offset some of the costs of police overtime. However, Jason Bartlett has taken it upon himself to literally “Steal” this event for the “Elm City” Freddy Fixer Parade group and then blame the President of the real Freddie Fixer Parade Organization for his alleged “incapability” to secure the funds to offset some of the costs for police overtime. When The Freddy Fixer Parade Organization tried to rent the office space at 560 Whalley Avenue, New Haven, Connecticut, Toni Harp's former campaign office (A Building Allegedly Owned By Toni N. Harp,) he was told by Jason Bartlett that "You can't afford it." That Storefront continues to remain vacant as of this update. Also, rumors about unpaid bills and the amounts of those bills are disputed in its entirety. Mr. Bartlett has not been in public office in the City of New Haven long enough to know the exact amounts of the actual costs for the police overtime expenses over the last seven years for the parade, and that the Freddie Fixer Parade Organization has the documentation to prove that there was an agreement in place with the previous administration (Albeit Reluctant) in regards to the good faith efforts to satisfy those bills regardless of how much it was. This is a bona fide takeover attempt of a nonprofit organization involving current and former City of New Haven officials and must be met with a serious legal response. This is all laid out in the Civil Complaint No 3:16-CV-00574 - Smith v. Elm City Freddy Fixer Parade Et al, City of New Haven, Mayor Toni N. Harp, Jackie James, Jason Bartlett and Jennifer Pugh. This case is currently being appealed by the United States Court of Appeals in New york.



                 Jackie James’ public broadcasting of the disputed overtime bills should have remained within the confines of the City of New Haven officials and with the Freddie Fixer Parade Organization and should not have been used as a metaphor to try to downplay the many years of hard work that the legitimate parade President has invested in keeping the parade alive with very little financial support, especially from the City of New Haven. Minutes from a meeting held by the “Elm City” Freddy Fixer Parade Executive Board Meeting were leaked and revealed that not only did Jason Bartlett attend, but that he was listed as an attendee representing the City of New Haven and has clearly utilized his position as has Jackie James to support the “Elm City” Freddy Fixer Parade group. The local newspapers refused to report these facts but here they are for the world to see.


                          Now that the decision to issue the parade permit by Jennifer Pugh, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer of the City of New Haven has been given to the illegal group and without the common courtesy of informing the legitimate Freddie Fixer Parade Organization of that decision prior to the confirmed date of March 30, 2016, on February 4, 2016 (Email Confirmation,) it is crystal clear that the City of New Haven cannot stoop any lower and pretend as if their reputation is squeaky clean. Repeated unanswered calls for the last two months and most recently a failed reply to an email sent to Jennifer Pugh on the morning of March 30, 2016 asking for confirmation about the meeting with either the legitimate Freddie Fixer parade or the other group went unanswered or unreturned. The Harp Administration has failed to honor the arrangements that were made by the previous administration (John DeStefano, Jr., and Robert Smuts) in regards to those terms.  


                         The “Elm City” Freddy Fixer Parade not only infringed on the name of the Freddie Fixer Parade, but they did it with the help of City of New Haven officials who stole the dates and times of the annual Freddie Fixer Parade events and they also stole the plans for one of its biggest fundraisers. To accuse the real Freddie Fixer Parade organization of not making a “Good Faith Effort” to defray some of the costs of police overtime and then deny them that opportunity is beyond evil and no words can describe this premeditated attack on an organization that has struggled for years to clean up the image of the parade and to remind the New Haven Community of the real purpose of the Freddie Fixer Parade. Stealing wasn’t one of those purposes.          


                   The point is clear that members of the Harp administration cannot use those allegations as an excuse to create an illegal Freddy Fixer Parade organization utilizing the same name or any paraphrase of the name of Freddy Fixer without serious consequences. There was an attempt to resolve the matter prior to any lawsuit being filed, but there was no agreement before the scheduled day of the parade in 2016 which also happened to be on the same day that the real Freddie Fixer Parade organization had planned in 2015. However, Jason Bartlett, Jackie James, Mayor Toni N. Harp and all of the officers, committee members of the illegal “Elm City” Freddy Fixer Parade should have known better and that they can’t say that they haven’t been warned.  


The Freddie Fixer Parade Organization Still Has Programs That Are Vital To The State Of Connecticut Communities!

Yale University Office Of New Haven & State Affairs - Proud Donor Of The Freddie Fixer Parade 2015!

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Ed Grant With Jackie Robinson At The 1972 Freddie Fixer Parade Grandstand At City Hall In New Haven, Connecticut. Mayor Bart Guida Is At Far Right - Photo Courtesy Of Jan And Henry Parker.
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Freddie Fixer Clean-Up 2014 Youth Volunteers From Fusion Drill Team

Governor Dannel P. Malloy And LT. Governor Nancy P. Wyman - Click On Photos For More Information

Official Flag Of The State Of Connecticut
Governor Dannel P. Malloy & LT. Governor Nancy P. Wyman
Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy Surrounded By Our Youth


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HONORING THE FREDDIE FIXER PARADE FOUNDING MEMBERS: The Late Edward "ED" Grant, The Late Edna Baker- Carnegie, And The Late Dr. Charles Twyman. Fred Smith Jr. Is At Right

Camden Sophisticated Sisters At Wexler-Grant School In New Haven, CT After The Drill Competition

Contact Community Engagement Editor Shahid Abdul-Karim at 203 789 5614.

New Haven's Freddie Fixer Parade A Time For Pride


Click to enlarge

NEW HAVEN — As a little girl, Vinice Burnett dreamed of marching in the Freddie Fixer parade.

This year, that dream will come true.

“I’m so excited that I’m marching this year, it’s like my dream has come true,” said Vinice, 13, a student at Wexler Grant School.

Vinice, a member of F.L.Y. Girls — First Love Yourself — an empowerment group for young girls, said many youths are excited about this year’s parade.

“This is a great way for other people to watch us perform in the neighborhood we grow up in,” said Darriell Allick, 12, a Betsy Ross School student and a member of F.L.Y. Girls. “We hope to inspire other young girls to be themselves and to first love who they are by seeing us have the courage to march in the parade.”

The parade originated in 1962 with a clean-up campaign in the Dixwell Avenue/Newhallville communities after founders and community activists Dr. Frederick Smith, Ed Grant, James Mitchell and others decided to bring children and families together in a unified interest to revive the condition of the their community.

The oldest of its type in the northeast for black Americans, the parade is celebrating 51 years of positive influence and community achievements.

Roberta Durant, parent of a youth who’s marching in the parade said, “It’s good for the kids, and I hope they will bring back all the entertainment from previous years, like the marching bands, which made it really festive and truly exciting.”

“Growing up, it was something I looked forward to as a youth, and I know that our kids will enjoy the community spirit environment,” Durant added.

According to parade organizers, the effort involved all members of the community gathering brooms, rakes, shovels, trash bags, paint and brushes and other tools needed to clean up the streets.


In addition, Sunday through May 13 will mark the weeklong citywide cleanup, with other community-related activities scheduled during the week leading up to parade day.

“Along with clean-up efforts, each year the committee selects a particular theme that would be the message the organization wants to convey across the black community,” organizers noted

This year’s theme is “moving forward,” and F.L.Y. Girls organizing mentor Natasha Parkins, 31, said that’s exactly what needs to happen to heal and rebuild the pride of the community.

“There is a past, present and future; let’s be a people who are thinking of ways of a better future for our community,” said Parkins.

“If we are going to be critics and sideliners then we are not going to get anywhere; we have a voice with a historical narrative in New Haven, and to just say we are not going to participate is status quo thinking,” she said. “Let’s not get stuck in the past and indulge the negative stereotypes of the parade, let’s live in the present to make a better tomorrow for our children, and the parade is a part of our community’s legacy in this city.”

In previous years, some have attributed violence to the parade, which in some ways has resulted in lack of support. But Dasia Goubourn, 17, a student at Hamden High School, said she believes the media gives the parade a bad reputation.

“They give a bad name and reputation about the Freddie Fixer parade, but they never blow up all the negative things that happen at the St. Patrick’s Day parade,” Goubourn said. “In so many ways the St. Patrick’s Day Parade is worse than the Freddie Fixer, but because it’s a black parade they call it violent, and that is not the case,”

According to police, a total of 19 custodial arrests and dozens of citations and summons arrests were issued at this year’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The numbers were an increase from the previous year, police officials said.

A handful of officers sustained minor injuries during the day and most arrests on charges of disorderly conduct.

With regards to the alleged violence linked to the Freddie Fixer event, police have met with parade organizers and the city to prepare for the event, said Lt. Julie Johnson, patrol commander for the department.


The parade route is shorter than that of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and the Freddie Fixer parade went smoothly last year with few incidents, Johnson said.

Exact details in terms of the number of officers who will be on duty haven’t been worked out yet.

Lt. Jeff Hoffman said the Freddie Fixer parade is the third-largest spectator event for police. The St. Patrick’s Day Parade is by far the largest, followed by July 4 activities.

“The Freddie Fixer parade is a time honored tradition in New Haven’s African-American community,” Hillhouse High School Principal and mayoral candidate Kermit Carolina said in a statement. “The event brings back some of my most fondest memories of childhood and adolescence while growing up in New Haven. ... The parade will forever remain a part of me and I’m eagerly looking forward to participating in this year’s festivities.”

Other mayoral candidates are expected to announce their participation in the parade in the coming days.

Police Chief Dean Esserman, Fire Chief Michael Grant and Mayor John DeStefano Jr. have confirmed their attendance at this year’s parade, according to parade organizers.

New Haven Firefighter and community activist Erika Bogan will serve as grand marshal, with the procession slated for 1:30 p.m. May 19, beginning on the corner of Dixwell Avenue and Morse Street in Hamden.

“This (Freddie Fixer) parade is for our community and we hope that people come and join us this year,” said Vanea Burnett, 10, a Wexler Grant student who is marching in the parade. “This parade is about respect and unity for me and so many other young girls, and to see the large crowds of people, shows that the community cares and supports the youth.”



MAY 6, 2013






This Talented Group Of Young Ladies Will Be In Attendance At This Year's

Annual Freddie Fixer Parade!


Please Come Out And Show Your Support To Our Tri-State Neighbors! 

File photo: The Tinytots of the Camden Sophisticated Sisters Drill Team Inc. perform a dance routine during the Love Changes Everything Showcase held at the Cooper B. Hatch Family School in Camden. / CHRIS LaCHALL/COURIER-POST


For years, Camden Sophisticated Sisters escaped city vices and hardships inside a water tower, where they danced and dreamed.

On Monday morning, members appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” Members of the drill team captivated the national audience to the tune of Beyonce’s “Get Me Bodied.”


They even got a special surprise, in the form of a message to them from pop superstar Beyonce. Now on a world tour, the singer and actress said she was “very, very inspired” by their story, and added that she planned to send them “some love and goodies” and hoped to meet them.


The drill team members also learned that they would be receiving donations of 100 custom-made uniform sweaters, provided by and A+ School Apparel, as well as 350 backpacks, provided by Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Founded in 1986 by Jones, Camden Sophisticated Sisters have multiplied their audience this year with appearances on CNN, "Rock Center with Brian Williams" and "Dancing With The Stars."


In February, Jones said she was determined to find a center sophisticated enough for her young ladies and men to train.


“If I had a proper space with a front door and a back door,” Jones said in February. “I wouldn’t have to constantly turn kids away,” Jones says.







Freddie Fixer Parade, Inc.

37 Blake Street

New Haven, CT. 06511






Captain Joe J. Davis, Retired, Connecticut State Police, 2011.


Please Make Your Tax Deductable Contribution Via VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER, AND PAY PAL.


One Of The Founding Members Of The Freddie Fixer Parade Organization, the late Edward “ED” Grant, In Addition To The Late Dr. Fred Smith, continues to be an inspiration to the true and intended purpose of the Freddie Fixer Parade. It was Ed Grant who fought hard to remind many of the citizens that although it is named the “Freddie Fixer Parade” it was founded on the basis of an ecology program. This is exactly what he emphasized. 


Armed with the blueprint from the late Dr. Fred Smith, the late Edward "ED" Grant, the late Edna Baker-Carnegie and the late Charles Twyman, and the Redevelopment Renewal Project the founding members set out to encourage residents in rebuilding their neighborhoods because they were in such "Bad Shape." Those who needed assistance whether it was with painting, trash removal or with repairs, the ultimate goal would be to personify the “Fix-Up Idea.”


Ed Grant, along with Charles Twyman would travel through the neighborhoods with truckloads of bricks and shovels teaching residents how to lay down walkways for the elderly, planting gardens and cleaning playgrounds for children.


Unbeknownst to many, there was an uphill battle to obtain funds for this event because there was an all white Board of Alderman (Current Day Alders) representing the 30 wards in the City of New Haven, CT. Mr. Grant courageously requested funding anyway without the support of his colleagues. Miraculously, funding was approved by one vote, and he successfully secured a grant for $1,200.00, which was considered to be a substantial amount of money at that time.


Mr. Grant also spearheaded recycling efforts that to date are replicated by the City of New Haven’s Public Works Department and Yale University. This was in addition to his dedication to establishing programs that provided assistance for substance abusers and alcoholics, that extended as far away as England.


There are many names associated with the evolvement of the parade from a local to a national level. Names include, but are not limited to the following: Jimmy Mitchell, Frank Amado (Columbus Day Parade) Lloyd Davis (Washington, DC.,) Fredland Douglas, Bill Donahue, Mayors Dick Lee and The Late Former New Haven Mayor, Ben Delieto, Jeanne Hogan, John Solomaon, to name a few.



The current parade organizers are grateful to walk in the footsteps of the late Dr. Fred Smith, Ed Grant, Edna Baker-Carnegie, Charles Twyman, and all of the other founding members of The Freddie Fixer Parade.


Thanks For Your Contributions!





Maurice W. Smith,

President, Freddie Fixer Parade

Freddy Fixer, Inc. 

37 Blake Street

New Haven, CT. 06511




The Goal Of The Freddie Fixer Parade Is To Promote The Philosophy Of The Late Dr. Fred Smith, The Late Edward Grant, The Late Ms. Edna Baker-Carnegie, And Charles Twyman In Promoting Neighborhood Beautification, Recycling And Taking Pride In Our New Haven Neighborhoods.


This Of Course Includes STOPPING THE VIOLENCE!











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